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Bad News: No More Total Drama Reunion

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The company who owns the original Total Drama franchise has sent a cease and desist letter to the owner of Blu Productions's YouTube channel, telling him that he must delete the TDR episode. I, along with the rest of the cast, was extremely devastated when we first heard the news. In only 3 days, we received 1.2 million views on our video and were on the YouTube trending page. This just shows that all of our hard work paid off. We already recorded our lines for episode 2 and it was in post production, but now we'll never see it. I can only tell you that from the scripts that I read, that this fan season was going to be really good. This really pisses me off because we are not the first Total Drama parody series. There are many on YouTube as well as people who have reuploaded ALL of the original series without permission. (The "Total Drama" YouTube page that has every episode makes it clear in their channel's about section that the page is run by fans. It's an unofficial page uploading copyrighted content) I think we were just targeted because we are the first TD parody to trend. We are the first to have over 1 million views. We are the first to get this much attention. They are threatened by us. The only good to come out of this situation is that we proved that there is still plenty of interest in the original show. I hope those at Popcorn Digital, Fresh TV, Teletoon, and Cartoon Network open their eyes and see that fans want another season of the ORIGINAL show. (No one wants Total Dramarama, I don't know who decided to take the characters of Total Drama and make them all babies but that was a stupid idea)

Here is what Blu Productions (Adam Rudin - creator of TDR) has to say about the situation

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