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Total Drama Reunion

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Total Drama is a Canadian animated series that first aired in the US in 2008. It is a "reality" competition series that features 22 teens all competing for $100,000. I absolutely love this show (the first 3 seasons have a very a special place in my heart) so when I heard of this fan project, I was very excited.

Total Drama Island the complete first season

A YouTube channel by the name of Blu Productions announced the making of a fanmade epilogue serious titled Total Drama Reunion. Twelve contestants from the original series are back to battle it out one last time for $1 million. The trailer was posted on YouTube on May 30th, 2020 and at the time of writing this, it has garnered over one million views. This proves that fans of the original series are still interested in new Total Drama content, whether it be official or not.

Total Drama Reunion (a fanmade animatic mini-series) OFFICIAL TRAILER

Shortly after, Blu Productions posted a casting call looking for voice actors to work on the project. On July 8th, 2020 I tried my luck and sent in two auditions; one for the role of Kelsey and the other for Female News Reporter. On July 31st, I had received an email stating that I was chosen for the role of Female News Reporter! I was ecstatic because I love Total Drama and really wanted to be apart of this project. (Even if I didn't get the part, I was still looking forward to watching the series.) The next day I was offered to read for the role of Judge Thompson so obviously I sent in another tape and I got that part too!

Judge Thompson and Jan The News Reporter

I am so excited for this project. Not only because I love the Total Drama series, but this will actually be my first time voice acting. I've only done on-screen work, but I've been meaning to dabble in voice over. I'm so happy that my first time voice acting will be for a project that means a lot to me. Check out the voice cast announcement video to meet the rest of this amazing cast. (Some of them sound EXACTLY like the original voice actors, it's crazy!)

MEET THE VOICE CAST (Total Drama Reunion)

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